Photo Essay

From the stormy Sea to magnificence

Across the river

As you stand upon the shore and watch the thundering surf, you wonder at the might of the sea. The roar of the waves beat your soul, the ripping tide pulls you like a magnet to the edge of the water.

The spray of the sand in the wind stings your face, the whipping wind brings droplets of the seawater to rinse the sand. Your body trembles both from the cold and the feeling of power as your body feels the caressing of the wind that holds you in its grip.

The sounds pull at you, they rock you to your inner core. You watch the pounding waves, your heart races with the echoes of the waves hitting the rocks and shore.

You watch as someone climbs to the edge of a cliff that is being beaten in the throes of the high waves and you pray for their safety and hope you see them washed over because of their idiocy.

You see the Power of God in this nature, and when the calming of the seas come you drop to your knees in awe of the beauty of a golden sunset and the peace that is in your heart.

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