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Nature is everywhere, and not just outside. Through these photos I call attention to how often the natural world is used as direct inspiration for our manmade surroundings. By placing these objects back into their "unnatural habitat" they become glaringly out of place, even inadequate in comparison to their environment.

Why do we so often include these elements in our design and decorations? Are we slowly replacing the real with the artificial? Or is it a simple reminder of the tranquility and beauty from which we emerged? It is quite comforting to be reminded of the beauty of nature in our ever-expanding manmade world. It seems the effortless intricacy and elegance of the natural world goes unmatched in comparison to our inorganic reproductions.

Although we cannot truly bring the beach into our living rooms we incorporate it into paintings, fabrics, carpets, jewelry, etc; these features add a noteworthy amount of beauty and tranquility to our unnatural surroundings, although they generally go unnoticed.

Consider how many items you see, or use, or walk by vacantly every day that are artificial representations of nature. Take a moment to appreciate both the design of the imitation and the beauty of the inspiration itself.

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    John Linton gave props (18 Jun 2013):

    Hell YEAH! Rad!

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    Kelly Nichols said (18 Jun 2013):

    What a great idea! Wonderful. Definitely voted!

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    quakemind said (22 Jun 2013):

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