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A noon ride. Fresh sun baked eggs delivery
Vamanan Onam's rich man and Tiger dance on Pulikali's Mahabali legend as the egg-shop owner
Free roaming eggs
Onam 2011 Mahabali pulikali_band night visit to local egg shop - owner & tiger september
Desi eggs parcell - All natural & recycled. Kerala, India
No Chicken Out !   - India.

I stopped by a friendly guy stacking the eggs fridge

- "Which eggs are freshest, as in a farmers market?" I asked.

-"All are fresh" he said, kind of unsure.

- "Which are the most natural?"

- "These" he poited out a dozen package by the organic grocerie's house brand. "and their only $3.99"

- "I have a camper van and I keep my eggs in there just away from the sun"

He seemed to be OK with that. Both his facial and body language were cool.

- "I traveled 2 years through India's towns and villages, most have no fridges." I decided he could handle some hardcore food experience. "The egg shop looks like any other shop and the egg crates are stacked into towers on the floor. The seller I asked say they sell them for up to 2 weeks and it's all good".

- "We used to have some eggs here" he pointed to in front of the stores open fridge fridge, along it's outer rail "But customers got anxiety so we stopped"

- "You know the best answer to those?" I shared the simple logic I realized after that talk with the Kerala (India) egg seller "The chicken doesn't have a fridge, so what happens during the 18 days she sits on the eggs? If those spoiled, wouldn't it poison the little guy inside?"


On the way to the restaurants around town, hundred of eggs ride scooter in the noon sun.

At the restaurant themselves they sit on the counter top awaiting omelette orders.

Duck eggs are also available in humid and flood states like Kerala. The cooling properties of a duck egg are opposite to those of chicken which heat the body.

The reason duck eggs usually look covered with mud, is that ducks lay them during the night, in oppose to daylight chickens', and till collected they get stained by mud and birds harmful feces.

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