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Fe203 Series Artists Statement

What happens to an object that is discarded? What if that object is both non-organic and non-biodegradable? What becomes of the packaging (or container) that encloses that object, likewise non-organic and non-biodegradable? What if the object is an oil derivative? petrol? diesel? And the packaging steel? What happens when the negative impact of the discarded packaging is potentially worse than the perceived beneficial impact of the object or commodity itself?

As we peruse the abstract colour and textural art qualities the photographs possess, should we consider to what extent we in our daily lives, pursue the making of profit through the senseless destruction of our planet?

Is there Art in the process of humanity's own self destruction?

Aimed at highlighting the disastrous effect that our modern consumerist society is having on the environment by all 'the things we throw away'.

Fe2O3 is the chemical formula for iron oxides which in various combinations are commonly referred to as 'rust'.

The images were made by photographing discarded old petrol drums on an working farm in the Karoo, South Africa.

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