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My Three Cats

Three Cats and an Apple

I found these three ceramic cats, sold as a "Bag of Cats", at a non-profit store in Nashville called Ten Thousand Villages. The store also sold a Bag of Pigs, but I'm not a "pig" person, so....

The cat family doesn't live on one place in my home; I tend to place them in different spots if there's a place that needs the Three Cats "touch". I know they're just objects, but they have such great, knowing faces, that to me they are literally still-lives. Being someone who likes to photograph objects, it only made sense that the cats become my subjects.

"Three Cats and an Apple" was my original concept. I didn't think past that one. But then there were so many scenarios I could place them in with other objects I've collected, and I was trying to understand how to use light. Hence, the cats became the stars of their own series.

If you'd like to, you may vote for "Three Cats Encounter of the Third Kind", which is currently entered in the "More Than One" challenge. For that photo, I unfocused my lens so the cats would look like an eerie but noble presence.

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