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When you decide to purchase and give a gift to somebody close to you it can be as stressful as it is joyful. The stress derives from the fact that if you really care about this person (which you do, since you're buying them a gift), then you'll want to go out of our way to make sure that the gift you select is going to be one which they genuinely appreciate and enjoy. One of the most certain means of letting someone know how much you care is to actually make the item in question, and the fact that you can now make photo gifts quickly and simply means that this gesture is easier to make than it's ever been.

The range of photo gifts ideas you can make is huge and runs from small inexpensive items such as fridge magnets all the way up to stunning full scale works of canvas art. The factor which all the gifts share is that they are extremely well made, using top of the range materials and techniques, whilst still remaining utterly personal and unique, thanks to the photograph or photographs which you chose to use. A good example of this phenomenon can be found in the photo books which it's possible to create. The books of this type which you find on sale in book shops invariably feature images of people such as film stars, rock singers or top sportsmen, but the thing that all have in common is that they are premium quality items, put together using rich thick, glossy paper and strong, stylish bindings.

When you create photo books using images from your own collection all of these factors are present and correct but the difference is that the hand chosen contents will see to it this is a book which literally nobody else in the world will have a copy of. When you put together a book as a gift you start off with a blank canvas and the only limits are your own imagination. You may know someone who is a keen amateur chef, for example, to the point at which they like to write down their recipes and take photographs of the finished meals. You could gather all of this material together and turn it into the kind of glossy cook book which usually gets devoted to the creations of people like Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver. The same process could apply to someone who is a keen train spotter, say, or loves the architecture of a particular part of the world. Another example which often inspires bespoke photo books is a wedding day the chances are that a professional photographer will be taking all of the traditional images such as the first dance and cutting the cake, and putting these together in the form of an album. You could supplement this, however, by asking everyone who went to send you their own images and turning these into an alternative album which captures the smaller, more intimate moments of the day, such as an elderly relative dozing through the speeches or a young bridesmaid stealing some icing from the cake. The chances are that it's this volume personal, quirky and humane which the happy couple take down when they wish to relive their day.

No matter which of the unique photo gifts you choose to make, the process of actually doing so has been made as simple as possible. Even making something as complex as a wooden jigsaw puzzle has been turned into a series of easy choices. Having selected your images you merely have to upload them to the website which you're using. Once there, you'll find software which takes all of the complex technical issued out of your hands. All that you'll need to do is make creative choices and have fun laying out the look of something like personalised photo calendars or diaries. When you're certain that the item in question looks as good as it possibly can then it will be put together to the highest possible specifications, and the person you give it to will be delighted to see just how much time and thought you've devoted to them.

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