The Project

Another 30days of photography challenges

day 14 my meals
day 4 black
day 11 what I'm doing
day 10 rainbow

I persuaded 8 of my girl friends with no interest in photography at all to join me in this photography project.

We started this on 4 September 2013. Initially, they were reluctant to do this since they don't have a DSLR camera, but I told them that we just use our cellphone cameras. We took the 30 themes, one for eah day, from the internet. So there are some usual themes such as faceless self portrait, black, my meals, from a window, etc.

We just email to all of us the photo that we took on that day, and to make it more interesting, the last person submitting the photo on that day has to create some kind of a poem related to the the theme.

On a busy working day, one or two almost fail to submit a photo, but thankfully so far nobody has failed.

At the end of the project, we have a plan to compile all the photos into 1 photo book.

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  • Daniel Dutcher

    Daniel Dutcher said (14 Nov 2013):

    Excellent and clever idea. Reminds me of when I have gone into a artistic photo slump and my wife would "force" me to just go out and shoot. Surprising what I would sometimes end up with.

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