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The FDJ college Bogensee

FDJ college Bogensee

Since a few month i´m on a "GDR (German democratic republic) history-trip-tour".

This time i took a trip to the FDJ college Bogensee in Wandlitz, on the edge of Berlin in a woodland setting.

The Free German Youth (FDJ: Freie Deutsche Jugend), was the official communist youth movement of the German Democratic Republic and the Socialist Unity Party of Germany. The organization was meant for young people, both male and female, between the ages of 14 and 25 and comprised about 75% of the young population of former East Germany. After being a member of the Thälmann Pioneers, which was for schoolchildren ages 6 to 14, East German youths would usually join the FDJ.

I saw two buildings in the area "Bogenhausen", the former teaching block and the culture block. The buildings are mostly in an average state of repair; parts are in good condition. The buildings from the 1950s were constructed using conventional methods, and some buildings are fitted with valuable decorative elements of natural stone. They meet modern standards with their generous proportions and comfortably high ceilings. The former college is listed as a protected monument.

The college closed 1989 after German reunification.

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