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There's a very simple reason why so many people use photo calendars to keep track of their dates and appoints; they work. This may seem like stating the obvious, but in a time when every hand held device comes equipped with a calendar and reminder app it somehow seems remarkable that a simple piece of printed paper is still the method which most people prefer to fall back on.

The endurance of the simple calendar is down to the fact that it is completely low tech in nature. 'Entering' the dates you need to remember is as easy as picking up a pen and joying down a few lines, and modifying the information as the year goes by is equally quick and simple. Once the information is up on a calendar, what's more, there is absolutely zero chance of it disappearing, as so often happens with more advanced devices. These are the reasons why virtually every home and workplace in the country has a calendar pinned or propped up somewhere, and also why it's so refreshing to know that you can now do away with the dull, mundane imagery so often employed and instead create personalised photo calendars using your own digital photographs.

A few years ago, the idea of creating your own calendar would have meant sitting at a table with a selection of photographs, some card, a pot of glue and a pair of scissors. In other words, not the kind of activity which many people would relish and not an approach, in the majority of cases, which would yield particularly attractive or acceptable results. Digital technology however, means that you can design the front cover and all the pages of your calendar and see them printed to a completely professional standard. The software employed in this task has been designed to filter out any tricky technical aspects, leaving you free to focus on the visual and aesthetic considerations of your calendar.

Some people may ask why the appearance of a calendar actually matters, provided it's able to do the job it's been designed to do. The fact of the matter, however, is that every other item you choose to put on display in your home or workplace has been chosen for one of two reasons – you like the way it looks or it has some kind of emotional meaning to you. The irony of the situation is that, of all these items, it's the calendar which you're going to be looking at most often, and if it can be turned into something which will raise a smile and brighten your day, then surely that's a good thing?

For a lot of people, the first idea which springs to mind when creating their own calendar is to fill it with images of their family life. In that way, as well as doing its job, it will act as a kind of family album, but one which is printed and constructed to a far higher standard than the average scrap book. Others opt to create calendars to give as gifts, basing them upon a theme which they know is close to the heart of the recipient. In either case, the best online photo calendar is going to be one which you spend some time thinking about before you actually sit down to create it.

When selecting the images to go on your calendar it's key to remember that you don't have to limit yourself to merely thirteen. If you like, you can craft a design which features multiple images on each page, since the process is flexible enough to be adapted to suit your needs. Once you've chosen your images you just have to upload them to the website which you're using and then work with the editing software. This has been built to be user friendly no matter what your level of experience with computers is, and will guide you through the process by breaking it down into a series of quick and simple steps. You will be free to choose aspects such as whether the calendar is single or double paged, and then the layout of each individual page, including the use of frames and backgrounds. The freedom of choice even extends to starting with a month other than January and having specific dates pre-printed onto the calendar.

If you've ever ordered photo prints online then you'll know that the field of photo printing is one which has shifted to a position in which the consumer is completely in control. The same is true when you put your own calendar together, and the finished item will be printed and produced to the highest professional standards.

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