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Ladies: just beautiful no matter where you go....

Music lady
My grandmother,1968
The hat
Lesley-mother to be
Simone, Austin,TX 09
Kystral's Wedding Day
M-G 98 revisited 006
09Eyeor's b'day 019
09Eyeor's b'day 007

The letters at the end of my name are not PhD but DoM... Dirty old Man. Seems no matter what city I am in, big or small, I am always saying "this town has the most beautiful women". Like one jpg member said sometimes you just don't need 100 words to tell the story. Let the photographs speak for themselves. And my good friend Gary, my mentor, and long time "man with the camera' says many meaningful things. Likes to say do not talk about what you shoot. But hang the image on the wall and let it speak for itself. More rock and less talk.mjb

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