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4x5, can't bet it,

field camera by Wista, japan
Wista 4x5
Bluebonnets02, Texas
Year of the Rat 001
Gloria 002
Ice and Cactus
El Sauz021
Lemons to lemonade

Thirty years ago I was sent to a shop store window to see the most beautiful piece of photo equipment made to date. After a dozen lenses, couple of light meters, several tripods and loading tent. I have become at ease with the right equipment to do my work. I have tried roll film backs and a Poloriad back I have returned to good thick sheet film. Mostly Tri-X, rated at 320 ASA and developed a little cold at 68 degrees, usually for eleven min. Color film is a different story... Ectachrome positive film {slide film] is my choice, has beautiful greens and blacks. Delivers very deep images. Hope this makes sense and gets you to looking for the right partner.

The use of a field camera enables you to slow down to really relate to the scene. First is composition, lots of thought and visualization ends in a keeper. Rules like "Thirds" are great and produce very good images but always remember rules are made to be broken. Sometimes you only need or get one exposure so thinking it thru is mandatory.

Lenses made this year or sixty years ago all have their their own properties to give to the project. I have several lenses modern and very old. Sharpness is number one in choosing a good lens. In B&W, filters are a science all to itself. Dark Red is my favorite. Makes clouds pop. Poloarizers pull reflextions from the water. Just so much to experience when you slow down. So many modern photographers just miss what I think is important in capturing images. Once again the field camera makes you slow down and learn how to produce a good image, a keeper.

Depth of field is missed by most. Even the cheapest digital has a mode to control depth of field. With the field camera you can shut down the shutter and see what is in and out of focus. Where you want to have sharp focus and what you want "out of focus" is on the glass and easily changed.

A light meter, tripod, and changing bag are the other things thst fill out your equipment needs. Images below were shot with my Wista, oat meal boxes, nikons, hasselblad's and digital's which is which . thanks Michael

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