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Texas today has a very diverse population. Long before Steven F Austin thought it would be a good idea to build a life in what is now called Texas there were good peoples making the good life. Way before Davy Crocket and the Alamo many tribes of native Americans inhabited this land.

Even when the Plains Indians rode their horses into the area well developed civilizations had worked this land now called Texas. Now modern Tex-Mex Americans influence Texas and put their mark on our great state. They add a diverse culture that defines us as the melting pot we use to aspire to be. These people are responsible for who we are, as much as any German, Brit, or Pole. Cities like Amrillo.New Braunfels, Malicoff, or Winder reflect these cultures. Before them were El Sauce, San Antinio, ElPaso, Corpus Christi,

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