The Project

Due Date???

Mother, Daughter...'06
Lesley-mother to be
09Eyeor's b'day 008
Mom to be
"Love got this started"
Mom to be...2009
Lots of glow

In real time its so easy for the man, no morning sickness, backaches, no belly skin marks, no leaking breast. The man really does not have a clue. I enjoy watching the belly get big and that "glow " that comes when she is enjoying that moment that defines her as a woman. It's foolish for a man to think he understands or that even has a handle on the concept. And for him to think he can express that concept in a photograph is just a man being a man. But I have to try. Making an attempt at this project is like lots of things I have done. Its a cool idea at first, then I realize I am in over my head. So here I am one foot on the dock and one on the boat. Help me with this project. I have seen some beautiful "belly bumps" from JPG'ers lets get them all together. mjb

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