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A blooming experience...coloring our environment

Somewhere inside the Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand

FLOWERS ARE EVERYWHERE... without these flowering plants, life on earth is dull and grey. In this modern times, flowers are used in different settings. Flowers serve as ornamentals in weddings, parties, temples, funerals, rituals; and ingredients in food, fragrance, and medicine.

In artwork, flowers represent the female organ or associated with femininity. With the varied colors, shapes and appearance, flowers have also inspired many poets, writers and artists. Flowers also symbolise beauty, love, life, consolation, and innocence.

In the Philippines, flowers are publicly displayed in an annual event known as 'Panagbenga Festival'. This yearly event in Baguio City started in 1995 features floats covered with fresh and brilliant flowers as paraded in major roads of the city that captivated the hearts of both local and foreign tourists. (A separate essay will be published about the festival).

Aside from this festival, Filipinos also celebrate 'Flores de Mayo' in honor of the Virgin Mary, and Santa Cruzan in honor of Reyna Elena.To find more, check it out here - Flores de Mayo.

No doubt, flowers will continue to inspire and influence us in many ways.

Note: The lotus flower as shown above was featured in a Philippine newspaper in June 2013. Check here - Picture Perfect.

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  • Michael Billert

    Michael Billert said (5 Dec 2013):

    Very nice,great color, mother nature out does herself...mjb

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