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.Fashionable Flowers, Dedicated to My Mother.

.Fashionable Flower.

Fashionable Flowers

My Mother loved great beauty, especially in flowers and fashion. Her dream, was to be a designer.Sadly as a student, one of her teacher's told her to" find another profession". Despite, her disappointment in this remark, she always had an appreciation for flowers and beautiful fabrications.

The curve of a petal, the length of a stem, ruffled edges and fold of a leaf give thought and exemplify what a fashion designer can envision for their design.

The fabrication of couture and sensuality of a detailed garment exudes the glow and exuberance that comes from our flowers of great beauty. This musing can be translated even into the most minimalist of designer's, who are caught in the zeitgeist of today's fashion.

A hint of jasmine rising from the plunge of a neckline, clouds of mimosa spinning through the air when a woman turns around and walks away.

Evocative, provocative, pale, vibrant, flowers are forever the muse to whisk you away into a world of splendor and today's modernism.

Nature's beauty will always be in style. leh.

"Happy Holiday's" to all and thank you always for your support.

Thank you so much to Meggie Schwendermann for this nomination!

Thank you so much to Michele Wambaugh for this nomination!

18 responses

  • Meggie Schwendemann

    Meggie Schwendemann gave props (7 Dec 2013):

    what a wonderful hommage :-)

  • Meggie Schwendemann

    Meggie Schwendemann gave props (7 Dec 2013):

    Happy Holiday's Lynn !

  • John Linton

    John Linton gave props (7 Dec 2013):

    Hell YEAH! Rad!

  • Susan Littlefield

    Susan Littlefield gave props (7 Dec 2013):

    She needed to find another teacher! What a beautiful series of gorgeous photos and a wonderful dedication. Definitely gets my vote!!!!

  • Ted Anderson

    Ted Anderson (Deleted) gave props (7 Dec 2013):

    Such beautiful images, Lynn, and words to match. Voted, most definitely.

  • Geoff Plant

    Geoff Plant gave props (7 Dec 2013):


  • Donna Mullins

    Donna Mullins (Deleted) gave props (7 Dec 2013):

    A wonderful essay, dedication, and gorgeous photos Lynn. I voted for your "i love rust" essay. If you are allowed to vote for two essays,you have my vote for this one too!

  • Donna Mullins

    Donna Mullins (Deleted) said (7 Dec 2013):

    My yes went through! Good Luck Lynn.

  • Sarah Springer

    Sarah Springer (Deleted) gave props (7 Dec 2013):

    A most wonderful essay in tribute to your Mother

  • Andrea Petersen

    Andrea Petersen gave props (7 Dec 2013):

    Beautiful photo essay and you have my vote... I can't imagine a teacher who would say such a thing to your mother...I am sure that you take after her as an artist!

  • Ann Reece

    Ann Reece   gave props (7 Dec 2013):

    This is a great photo essay - I voted for sure : )

  • Evelyne Schulte

    Evelyne Schulte gave props (7 Dec 2013):

    Lynn, you have my vote for this beautiful and touching essay!

  • Bailey Cooper

    Bailey Cooper said (8 Dec 2013):

    Interesting correlation between fashion and flora. Works well.

  • Carol Arntsen Masiak

    Carol Arntsen Masiak gave props (8 Dec 2013):

    wow, wow, wow!

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (9 Dec 2013):

    outstanding shots!!! Incredible story and photo.. You deserve the best always Lynn.. You proved yourself how nice photographer you are.....WoW!!!!

  • Michele Wambaugh

    Michele Wambaugh (Deleted) said (9 Dec 2013):

    Fantastic, artful photo essay! A real stunner! Congrats, Lynn!!!! oxo

  • rekha nag

    rekha nag gave props (9 Dec 2013):

    So touching!! A lovely tribute! My vote.

  • Donna Mullins

    Donna Mullins (Deleted) gave props (10 Dec 2013):


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