My Precious

My Toy

D3200 by Nikon
Lighthouse Cliffs
One way Street
Apartment at East Side, Manhattan
Bike  Path in Manhattan
view from the gate
Star fish
Gold Fish
Dusk Drops

Hello my name is Syed and i am a student currently at The City College of New York and working part-time. I came to New York at 2010 and settled here with my family. I have many hobbies like sports, driving cars, painting, taking pictures and so much more. Recently Among all the hobbies Photography seems to getting much interesting to me and i decided to do something with it. I started taking pictures with my father's Olympus camera back at Dhaka, Bangladesh and had a lot but back then did not have much to upload so only printed few good ones. Continuing on the Dream to have my own DSLR i carried on using whatever near me. Went on using the camera till it became old and stopped working and now displayed as an antique by my father. I got my self a Cell Phone with which i took a lot of picture which was totally random and not praise able enough but later noticed every picture had it own story so i kept on doing it. In between i use few smartphones with which my love for photography increased but the quality of pictures was not enough but i still went on until i got my self a new camera at last. It was a Sony Cybershot, Model-DSC-H55 . I loved it and still using it for quick and random shots at events and parties. I soon moved to New York and started working part time and also studied as a college student where i took the Introduction to Photography course in which i had to buy a Manual SLR film camera and i was happy to have it by my side, It was a Vivitar V3800N with which i took black and white pictures necessary for my course but day by day it became tough and not so easy to handle or go on with the course and using a film was the hardest part for me as i already wasted 3 rolls and never knew the reason. I was sad and had to withdraw from the course but still went on as long as i could and the expenses would rise day by day for printing sheets and films. I thought using a manual camera would be great to start learning and i did. Learning about ISO, Lighting, Aperture. Shutter Speed and using them was hard with the camera. But i still wanted to go further and during the Black Friday 2013 i got my self the new Nikon D3200. I was happy and was joyed to get what i wanted for so long. I started taking pictures with not worrying about developing any films using chemicals or printing from negatives. But through that course i was able to handle this new DSLR and so far i have taken a lot of pictures. Sunset, sky, buildings, events, snow, rain and many more i love to see and save in memory. And now i hope to keep going with this hobby and see what more i can do.

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  • Carlo Pagan

    Carlo Pagan gave props (27 Mar 2014):

    Cool shots!! Voted!!!

  • Shaiq Ullah

    Shaiq Ullah said (22 Feb 2018):


  • Farhad

    Farhad said (23 Jun 2018):

    D3200 was also my first DSLR. I've many sweet memories with it. I've learned photography with my NIkon D3200. and it is funny I started with digital and now I shoot film. LOL

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