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Growing Old

Growing Old
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It is part of life to grow old yet it strikes by surprise nevertheless, because one stays young on the inside (at least some of us do) and literally it is the body only that goes through this transformation. We all know it is coming yet there is just no real way of preparing for it.

I remember thinking that it was quite normal for my grandma and mom being called a senior citizen, but I was just not quite ready for myself being thrown into this same category. Yet it is coming for all of us in one way or another if we are able to reach a certain age.

I tried to exaggerate the crassness of this occurrence in my photographs with a mud mask and subdued lighting, yet before long I know that is what I most likely will look like in reality and though I am trying really hard to get used to this idea, I still find myself cringing when addressed as a senior citizen. The rhinestones in the shape of a band-aid on the cheek are to represent how futile it really is to try to aid the illusion that an expensive cream, a face lift and the application of Botox is really nothing but a band-aid when it comes to aging. Yes, the appearance is temporarily altered , but only for a brief time and underneath it all one is still old. The stars represent the dreaming of what has been and a reminder that what is really most important is to keep an endless sense of humor and keep on dreaming, because that is something we can control. Everything else is superficial and does not dictate who we are. Just a reminder, what we see in magazines and newspapers is NOT reality but someones created reality with airbrushing, Photoshop and whatever other tools are available. It is up to us to create our own reality, which is one with endless possibilities!

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3 responses

  • John Tanner

    John Tanner said (15 Jan 2014):

    Good story and I enjoyed reading it.
    You're 100% correct,a good sense of humor is much needed as we enter geezerdom.
    Can't say I'm crazy about it getting close to being my turn as the "old guy" at the family gatherings but there is a bit of advantage to that......

    Just look at what you can do or say and get away with !! ; ) and no matter how crazy it all gets chalked up to ageing.
    Granted we can't do a whole lot about the physical aspects of getting older but a good sharp mind,great sense of humor,the right attitude even if slightly dubious will get us through it in grand style !!

  • Fred Moskey

    Fred Moskey said (15 Jan 2014):

    Excellent story, true and to the point.
    I suppose I realized I was getting old when all my friends and neighbors started dieing off. Of the old bunch, with whom used to hunt, fish, and raise hell in general, I am the only one left. The only choice I had left was to make new, younger, friends. I no longer hunt or fish but have made a lot of new friends at JPG! I have attended two JPG meet-ups and had a ball. I might be old now but I am still enjoying life!

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (28 Sep 2014):

    excellent story...and deserve nomination....vote

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