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Fairy Lake

In his book The Pleasures of Good Photographs, Gary Badger suggests taking a walk and making photographs as you go. It's in his discussion of Robert Adams's "Listening to the River", and a collection of pathway photos by various photographers Badger calls The Walk to Paradise Garden."

I was in a lull at the time, not unusual for me. I've always been a low-volume photographer, and even with digital I rarely take more than one or two frames of a thing, tricky when it was film; I had to be very sure of my exposure, and careful in development. Still, I often go for days without photographing anything. So to go out for a walk specifically to take pictures was actually odd for me, a new thing.

But I did. i picked up my camera and walked out to the walking path near where we live, and took the boardwalk side of it.

The Autumn light, near sunset, was beautiful, giving a pale orange glow to everything. The waterside grasses and plants were dead already, and pale brown. I had that calmness that comes with being opened up by what's about, that heightened awareness that beauty brings us.

The resulting images are B&W with light sepia toning, but really they're hard to tell from the original colour images.

I show and sell the four main images as a group, and have not given them separate titles. I want the viewer to determine the order, That said, the image of the boardwalk that starts on the right and jogs left, where it's partly obscured by trees, makes me think this: that we can always see the path ahead, but cannot always clearly see where it leads.

I hope you like the result, and can take on a similar project for yourself. Talk your camera for a walk.

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