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Dino Power

Dino Power Series #1

I acquired this little guy unexpectedly in a birthday present a few weeks ago. The box contained my new Wide Angle & Macro Lens Adapter, the classic "fresh baked cookie smell," and a lonely dino toy. Let's just say that cookie smell was breathtaking, nonetheless I was pleased, but what about this curious dino? I knew the company offered a freshly baked cookie smell option with any order, but I knew nothing of dinos. This was so odd to me that I eventually concluded that it was just a fluke, a lucky dino in my box and my box only. One does not anticipate receiving a child's toy on their twenty-third birthday, but I thought that little dino was the greatest thing...right after the macro adapter of course. I'm not an expert on dinos to say the least, but I do know a little something; however, my four year old niece proceeded to explain to me what kind of dino this was, "a flying one" with gestures included.

Throughout the following weeks, I tested my new adapters with the dino still on my mind. I figured it would be a nice prop to test out my macro adapter and maybe that was why it was in the box, it had a purpose after all. Maybe this was not its true intention but it worked for me, and I proceeded to take some macros of my little dino. I became exceedingly curious during my post-processing and embarked on a search for fellow dinos. I knew that if there were other dinos out there they would be captured in photographs just as I was capturing mine.

First, I looked on the company's Facebook page where I found customers sharing pictures of their purchased products along with...curious little dinos. But I needed more proof, so I proceeded to Instagram with a hashtag search of "photojojo." Dinos here, dinos there, dinos everywhere and some even had more than one! With a little more digging I discovered that yes does indeed include little dinos in every order. What a genius idea! They refer to this as "a Stow-away-asaurus," so if you make multiple orders you'll end up with a whole dino collection! Now that is an incentive!

Who knew little dinos could bring so much excitement? Well, I believe that's the point and the moral you can take from this, especially as a business owner...little gestures can make the biggest difference, and we truly are still kids at heart. Never underestimate the power of a dino.

-K. Wyatt


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  • Kathryn Meyer

    Kathryn Meyer gave props (28 Jan 2014):

    Thanks for the explanation!

  • KassiJo Wyatt

    KassiJo Wyatt said (29 Jan 2014):

    Thank you for taking the time to read my story! (-:

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