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Pond tails: a fish, a turtle, and a bird

Pond Tails: A Fish, A Turtle and a Bird -Main Photo

While taking a break at a truck stop in Waco, TX, I took a walk off the beaten path, with my camera of course. I saw a pond and decided to investigate. The photos tell the "tail" of a Green Heron who worked hard at catching it's dinner, only to have a turtle invade it's space in hopes that his presence would intimidate the Heron into dropping the fish and giving him a free meal. The Heron was determined to hang onto its catch, and in the end... well you will see who prevails.

Photographer's note: You don't have to be in an exotic place or have the most expensive camera equipment to capture life as it happens. You never know what might be going on behind the obvious unless you go out and look. It takes curiosity, time, a good eye, a camera and a bit of good luck to catch wildlife in action.

This series was shot at a pond in back of a truck stop in Waco Texas, with a Canon 20D and a 70-300 lens. The entire series was hand held. Total time from spotting the green heron to the last swallow of the victor was about an hour and a half. The biggest challenges were getting through the brush to get a good angle on the action, and narrowing it down to just 11 images to tell the story!

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