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Path to The Thomason Foss - Yorkshire, UK

Beauty of the Foss (2)

(Photo One - Along the Path)

After taking tea,

we journeyed on foot – into

the woods – up and down

a very narrow pathway,

on the edge of moorland hills.

We clambered and struggled –

over smooth and not so smooth,

stones, rocks, and boulders,

following the River Esk

in search of the Foss.

We grasped with our fingers

and gripped with our feet the

large, and sometimes slippery,

stones, rocks, and boulders

on the ravine path.

(Photo Two - Foxgloves on the Path)

Foxglove sentinels -

silent bells along the path –

colorful guideposts –

amidst stones, weeds, and grasses -

showed us the way.

(Photo Three – To the River)

We continued on our way,

down to the river,

and eventually came

to a turn on the path -

and then we saw it:

(Photo Four – First View of The Foss)

The Pool! The Cavern! The Foss!

(Photo Five - The Foss & Pool)

There was the circular pool,

enclosed by the cavern wall,

formed by the boulders -

the rush of the waterfall's,

pounding white water.

(Photo Six – Sunlight on the Foss)

Then – a mystical moment –

the sky opened to allow

a slice of sunlight

to glimmer on the water

of the still and serene pool.

(Photo Seven - Sparkling Water)

The sunlight sparkled

on rippling water –

filtering through the leaves of

encircling ash trees;

birds and insects chirped -

the air was moist with the scent of

water, earth, and foliage.

(Photo Eight – Beauty of the Foss)

The waterfall expanded

our hearts with wonder and awe,

and filled our souls with

reverence and a sense of

sacredness for this shrine to

nature's handiwork

awakening the senses.

(Photo Nine - Sunlight on Rock Ledge)

As the sun drifted above,

shafts of light shifted

onto the rock ledge

shivering white-gold ribbons

against gray-cold stone.

(Photo Ten - The Tryst)

Here in this secluded spot,

four fictional characters

and an author visited –

and one reader was humbled

by the encounter.

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