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Portrait Lighting with an incandescent Floodlight

Self portrait with flood light

Since we currently had a challenge on portrait lighting, I got in practice to see what I could do with an incandescent floodlight to supplement the room lighting. I progressed to using two floodlights later on.

The one thing I liked about the flood light is that I could manually set my camera at a 100 ISO for some of my portraits with a slow shutter speed and I did not have to use flash.. I am a big fan of existing light for portraits. Another thing I liked was that it literally warmed the cold room upstairs. It was pouring rain outside when I started the project and it was raining again when I ended it a few weeks later..

What I did not like was that it also got a bit bright at times for my eyes! On the other hand it forced me to change my poses and expressions so that I wasn't always looking at the camera or the flood light. I found that it created some shadows which could have been avoided if there had been room to get at least 5 feet away from the background and to move the flood lights back further...but I did not have that option in the confinements of the space that I worked in.

My self portraits are not perfect..Many of them are terrible, and I am sure that I have deleted more than I have kept. I have the utmost respect for the professionals who know exactly what they are doing.

As the weeks went on it gave me time to take an honest look at what I had done on this project and I could see room for improvement. Consequently, I replaced the images that I felt lacked what I was trying to convey with flood lights...I added an impressionist background that I bought many years ago, but since I did most of this project in a available corner of a small room there was not space to put the canvas background on a stand and the only alternative was for me to tack the upper edges to the ceiling ...A big project in itself that took some time.

In conclusion through this experience my choice remains with outside natural morning light but I gave the flood lights a try anyway even though I may not have done everything right, I think I learned from it.

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  • Davide Simone

    Davide Simone said (4 Apr 2014):

    Andrea, Fanstastic !!!

    Thank you !

  • Donald Garrett

    Donald Garrett gave props (4 Apr 2014):

    VOTED. Most excellent work!

  • rekha nag

    rekha nag gave props (5 Apr 2014):

    voted!! Great job!!

  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (5 Apr 2014):

    A marvelous project, Andrea. You are an excellent portrait photographer and model! I voted.

  • Thad Zajdowicz

    Thad Zajdowicz gave props (5 Apr 2014):

    Cool, Andrea! Voted!!

  • Heather Mellon

    Heather Mellon gave props (5 Apr 2014):

    What a great series, Andrea.. very creative and well photographed! Voted!

  • Ann Reece

    Ann Reece   gave props (5 Apr 2014):

    I like your photo essay! I voted on it and I voted on it being story of the week, JanElle beat me to it - lol : )

  • Katherine Nak

    Katherine Nak   gave props (6 Apr 2014):

    Thank you! Wonderful art!

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (8 Apr 2014):

    wonderful shot and narration ...Voted!!!

  • Deborah Downes

    Deborah Downes gave props (11 Apr 2014):

    Brava! Really admire all you put into this project. This essay sure gets my votes.

  • Michele Wambaugh

    Michele Wambaugh (Deleted) said (11 Apr 2014):

    Brilliant photo essay, Andrea!! FAB photos, FAB essay! Congrats dear!!! voted!!

  • Patrick Westerfield

    Patrick Westerfield gave props (17 Apr 2014):

    Great article.

  • Lynn E. Harvey

    Lynn E. Harvey gave props (24 Apr 2014):

    I hope you win..this is just wonderful..VOTED!!!!!

  • Michele Wambaugh

    Michele Wambaugh (Deleted) said (24 Apr 2014):

    FAB photo essay, Andrea! Voted!

  • Evelyne Schulte

    Evelyne Schulte gave props (24 Apr 2014):

    Voted, fantastic serie!

  • Heather Mellon

    Heather Mellon gave props (26 Apr 2014):

    Love this series! Voted!

  • Carlo Pagan

    Carlo Pagan gave props (2 May 2014):

    Excellent!! Voted!!

  • Patty Gross

    Patty Gross gave props (9 May 2014):

    Excellence both in the lighting, poses, and lovely outfits, but in the narratives as well!! Definitely deserves to be Story of the Week.

  • Andrea Petersen

    Andrea Petersen said (12 May 2014):

    My thanks and appreciation to these JPG friends for nominating my photo essay: I feel very humbled for your kindness.

    JanElle (Heather) on 4-04,. Saroj Swain on 4-08..Davide Simone on 4-14 - 4-21 and 4-28.. Don Weber on .5-07. Davide Simone
    on 5-12.

    Thanks and appreciation also for the comments, views and votes!

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