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One day everyone will be old

One day everyone will be old..

I had the pleasure of watching "Baghban" an Indian hindi movie very recently ....

The movie tells the story of Raj Malhotra (Amitabh Bachchan), his wife Pooja (Hema Malini) and their four sons Ajay (Aman Verma), Sanjay (Samir Soni), Rohit (Saahil Chadda), and Karan (Nasir Kazi). Raj and Pooja have provided their children with everything they wanted, often at the cost of Raj's and Pooja's own requirements. The Malhotras also have an adopted son Alok (Salman Khan), who is in love with Arpita (Mahima Chaudhry). Alok was an orphan and Raj had provided him with money and education, bringing him up as his own son. Now a successful man, Alok worships Raj because of all his help and thinks him as his own father which he never had.

Raj has a flourishing job but, once he retires, he is no longer able to support himself and has to vacate the house he and Pooja have shared for years. They decide to live with their kids to get their love and affection. However, their kids do not want them, as they think looking after their parents will be a hassle. The children decide to split the parents up, each parent going to live with one of the sons for the next 6 months. The children think the parents will refuse the offer and therefore, they will remain in their home. However, the parents reluctantly accept the offer.

The story shows how the aged parents endure this separation as well as horrible treatment from their children after all they have sacrificed for them during their lifetime. Saddened by the treatment he has received from his children and their families, Raj writes down all his feelings regarding how he fulfilled all his children's dreams and in return how they treat him, as well as his love for his wife, and how much pain their separation has caused, his writing eventually becoming a novel. To pass time in the lonesome and angry house he temporarily lives in, he makes friends that admire him and regard him more than Raj's own sons.

While changing their trains after 6 months, Raj and Pooja spend some time together in Mumbai, when they suddenly meet Alok, who takes them to his home and gives them the importance and care which their real sons did not give them.

Raj then finds out that his writing has become a published book named Baghban. This book becomes a big hit, selling the first copies immediately. Raj, as a result, gains the money he needs to support himself and Pooja in their old age. It is now that their four sons come back to their parents, asking for their forgiveness. However, they hold an ulterior motive: to get a hold of their parents' money. Raj is honored for his work, and the four sons attend with their wives. When they ask Raj to forgive them, he refuses and instead disowns them. Not even Pooja will forgive her children for the pain they have put them through.

Raj stays with Pooja in their home, near Alok and Arpita, and enjoy the company of their grandchildren, Rahul and Payal, while disowning their sons and daughters-in-law.

This story says, one day everyone will be old and if you don't respect your elders now, you will never get in future.

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12 responses

  • Patty Gross

    Patty Gross gave props (14 May 2014):

    Brilliantly written, Saroj! What a perfect example of living with the consequences of disrespect some children inflict upon their parents. I would hope our younger people would learn the importance of showing respect and love for their parents, and for all older people. Very well done!! Voted.

  • Davide Simone

    Davide Simone said (14 May 2014):

    I'm speechless.
    What a beautiful story.

    This story says, one day everyone will be old and if you do not respect your elders now, you will never get in the future.

    Beautiful words, beautiful ...
    My dear friend Saroj, this job is for what I think a masterpiece

  • Nancy Richard

    Nancy Richard gave props (14 May 2014):

    It certainly got my vote. It is so true that one reaps what he sows. If respect for elders is not taught when children are young, mostly by example, you will live to reap what you sow.

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (14 May 2014):

    Thank you Nancy for nominating this story for the week.Thanks Davide and patty for your feelings about this story.

  • Evelyne Schulte

    Evelyne Schulte gave props (14 May 2014):

    Saroj, you have my vote! wonderful images and words!

  • Michele Wambaugh

    Michele Wambaugh (Deleted) said (16 May 2014):

    How nice of U to remind us ladies we will get old (hehehe, if we R lucky that is!) Voted!

  • Peter Hall

    Peter Hall (Deleted) gave props (17 May 2014):

    Great story, it is doubtless reality to many elderly people. At this time a friend of mine is under pressure to give to his children all he has built in his life, sadly they disrepect him while he lives, not able to wait for his death to inherit everything, so very sad.

  • rekha nag

    rekha nag gave props (18 May 2014):

    I have watched Baghbaan. Its a wonderful story. Great tribute to the elders of our society!! Voted!

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (20 May 2014):

    thanks everyone....

  • Andrea Petersen

    Andrea Petersen gave props (24 May 2014):

    interesting narrative and a great collection of portraits. You have my vote!

  • Geoff Plant

    Geoff Plant gave props (30 Jun 2014):


  • Ester van Dam

    Ester van Dam said (16 Jul 2014):

    Such a moving story and so very true! In the Netherlands were i live it is all to normal to not take care of your parents or let them live in a retirement home. I saw my mother take care of my grandmother and trying her best to make her wish possible to stay at home and not spent her last years in a strange place. It was so important! In the end very little things matter but how we treat one another with kindness and compassion does matter. This story is a great reminder as are your moving portraits!

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