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My Mammogram

Having found a lump in what passes for my right "breast," I was sent, as countless women we every day, for a mammogram and ultrasound. Having been a newspaper medical writer, and having heard about mammograms from the many women in my life, I had an idea what to expect. And why not, I thought, photograph my own procedure? What you see here are photographs of what a mammogram entails, as well as a couple images of the ultrasound exam.

I hope the men viewing these images come away with a greater appreciation of what women go through on a routine basis, as well as sympathy for them.

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3 responses

  • Davide Simone

    Davide Simone said (1 Jun 2014):

    I make so many compliments to share this moment with us.
    I hope that everything went well

  • David Delannoy

    David Delannoy said (2 Jun 2014):

    superbe reportage ! courageux

  • William Moore

    William Moore said (20 Aug 2014):

    Wonderful and uplifting!

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