The Project

Spectra Melodia #1 - the Darkness

sunset heartbeat spectrum
burning my soul
open my mind
light from heaven
when the darkness told me
stars heaven
light painter
golden home

When the night approached, I felt fear. When the darkness embrace, I feel lonely. When my shadow left me, I felt longing. During my eyes can not see, I feel like blinded.

However, the night telling me about the beautiful rainbow. However, the darkness, keeping my mind from the cold. However, the shadow guides to me, where did the light come from. But, My heart clearly see, where's this going away.

When into the Darkness, You can See the Lights.

An imagination in choosing point of view, where it comes from sunlight, which was among spider webs. Choosing the contrast, brightness, and saturation are quite high, and when to do a photo shoot, from sunrise to sunset. Finding the location of the spider to the right, because not all positions can obtain radiant rainbow, from the sun, in the nets. Until now, I still call on the colorful spider webs with: Rainbow, although the understanding of the word, the rainbow is not like that. The spectrum of solar light in the RGB studies, this may be more appropriate.

The series is experimental, enjoying the beauty of the color spectrum on a spider web. Choosing aperture and the right lens will also affect the results obtained. All photography done from my daily at the moment, which does not allow to go far from home, because my father was paralyzed / stroke, and I had to take care of him. In the first series, I did it during the dry season, while the other series, in the rainy season. Equals essentially, I photographed all of it in the backyard, to 'catch' a colorful spectrum of the sun through photography purely for the purpose of artisitk alone. I did this project almost 6 months and still continues, until the rainy season arrives later. Although project # 2 (the rainy season) has been first I did, but the exploration of the spectrum acquisition is not maximized.

There is a 'red thread' of the content of the image I want to convey, namely: the expressive imagination. Black and white philosophy of life. Basically, humans 'hypnotized' to do the right thing and well, on a: The light (white), and do not do bad things in the wrong path (black-dark). But in fact, humans need both, and this is not philosophy alone. This is a fact. The light (white) which is identical sun can not be seen and described (translated) if there is no dark / 'black light'. Vision, is a facilities / tools, to see the white light, while the other senses is to translate the black light. Both must meet and 'exploit', are inseparable and should mutually adjust viewpoint and understanding. The reality would be a wonderful philosophy when linked. The essence of white light that can actually be seen-enjoyed, in the dark areas, and Light Black has seen translated, from the bright side, as well as to strengthen the image of each character of the light. Thus, Black and White are interlocked and filling. For me, it all becomes reality philosophy, and that is the meaning of appreciate life itself, and brings life to be more meaningful and useful (artistic).

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