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Music has always been as much a passion for me as photography has been. So it was no surprise that I found myself always processing images with some favourite music playing in the background. In fact it's fair to say that the genre and tempo of the music i listened to whilst processing actually affected the edits i made to my images and really helped me to enhance and create the mood and feeling about the shots from the music i listened too.

This then progressed to putting a whole sequence of images together into a slideshow (Audio Visual) so that I could enjoy both a series of images and music together. Since my original early attempts I have found that putting together a sequence of images that flow one to the other and timing it to the mood and tempo of the music is actually harder than you would think but when it works it really works!

My advice is to think about the following aspects:

1. try to pick images that are of one genre so you don't jump from say a landscape to a portrait to a still life.

2. think about each images tone and colour so it doesnt "jar" from one image to the next

3. think about the focal point in each image, either making sure they fade in and out in the same position or the exact mirror opposite position

4. make sure the duration and fade for each slide works to the timing of the music - i usually start around 3-4 secs for both

5. use a title and closing slide to help it look professional, polished and time it to end with the music.

There are lots of examples on my website:

But this is my favourite of these that I have done to date. Watch it and enjoy and have a go yourself.

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  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (13 Jul 2014):

    fantastic shot.....

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