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Our Little Birdy

When we realized Little Birdys nest was on a building top, and her mother could not bring her back to it I knew there was no walking away from her. We brought her home, did some research on how to care for a baby bird, and did our best. She was with us for three weeks, and during those weeks she truly touched our hearts. We watched her grow, learn to eat on her own, and fly. We were there every step encouraging her. The last couple days she was here we saw a group of sparrows hanging around. Once she actually flew over and hopped after them, but when they flew off she didn't follow. One evening my husband and I were sitting in our hammock watching her hop and flutter around chirping at us. We began having a conversation, and a bit later we both realized we hadn't heard her chirping. We got up and looked around. We whistled out to her, but she was no where to be found. We saw and heard some sparrows in one of the trees, and assumed she had finally flew off with them. We were quite saddened, yet happy she was finally being a bird. The next morning we went and sat in our hammock hoping maybe she'd come visit us. We saw a sparrow fly to the top of our house, and hover by the upstairs window for a few seconds (which actually was the upstairs neighbors window), then she flew to the roof. I whistled out to her, but maybe was to far for her to hear, and she flew off. We felt in our hearts that was her. She was a true gift and joy to our lives. It was such a neat experience raising a baby bird. She will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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