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Figurative montages

Some people are very good at posing they don't have to be taught to do it, it's something that comes from within them a natural ability to arrange their bodies into harmonious poses. Keira Lavelle is one such person, to the point of insisting on the slight changes that make a perfect pose.

This is where the digital camera comes into its own being able to review the results and immediately alter a pose while the muse is working at full tilt. We pore over the results mostly with exclamations of delight but sometimes an, "Ewwww lets do that one again" and the creativity continues as we strive to do better.

Most of the session though is ninety percent Keira and ten percent me doing the mechanistica bit with the camera. I'd had this thought many years ago and it stopped me making nude figurative images, I avoided the genre and did street photography and fashion pics for mates who made clothes.

Lurking at the back of my mind though was digital art, I could incorporate a nude figure into something of mine so the input into the image would half and half. Yes I thought that is the answer but I needed to find a model and it wasn't until I'd been doing the montages for about eighteen months that I found Keira.

It's been just over a month since that first photoshoot with her, I knew I was going to have to use all the skill I'd learned to make images that complemented her poses. In the event I found out an awful lot more about putting stuff together, her poses are a superb catalyst to my image making.

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  • Thad Zajdowicz

    Thad Zajdowicz gave props (14 Jul 2014):


  • Bailey Cooper

    Bailey Cooper said (14 Jul 2014):

    Old Hollywood glam has never looked better. A photo essay that demands nominaton.

  • Randy Turoff

    Randy Turoff gave props (15 Jul 2014):

    Beautiful creativity

  • Jim Read

    Jim Read said (16 Jul 2014):

    Thanks Thad and Thanks Bailey and Thanks Randy Nice of you all to make a comment, I'm very grateful to you all. Cheers - Jim

  • Stefan ...

    Stefan ... (Deleted) gave props (1 Aug 2014):

    Another great work!

  • Jim Read

    Jim Read said (8 Aug 2014):

    Thanks Stefan, I do appreciate your comment :-) Cheers - Jim

  • Aaron Schwartz

    Aaron Schwartz gave props (8 Aug 2014):

    Love your work. Good essay.

  • Jim Read

    Jim Read said (9 Aug 2014):

    Thanks Aaron, Good of you to comment. Cheers - Jim

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