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When the Day: Nameless - Still and Continuous B/W series #2

open your mind

I was, no longer able to hear sound of the waves on the beach, as it was when I lived in Bali, but once, I was accompanied by the rush of water from my fish pond that is always flowing. The air and wind tends to be cooler, and plants were still always sprout, accompanied with a light that always shines bright sun. Time, it really feels stalled, Likewise much wishful thinking that needs to be examined again. Empty hopes it becomes a mediation which I think has not been maximized with well, should be supported and strengthened its foundations more to be realized. And I still walk among the shadows, in every corner of the house, and try to keep trying and alive. The shadows it, give me a clue, where the light was derived and coming, and I do not need to count on an hour by hour that passed. Me and my shadow is a living entity.

Finding the door to out from many problems, but probably, I've been on the outside, and looking for the entrance, but maybe I was already inside. The closeness of these moments happened so insistent, every day, and right in front of the eyes, but I was dumb and could not say anything, other than pressing the camera shutter, and tried to presenting back what was happening in front of the eyes, to make it a document. Observing and write it a bit, to believe that every frame it is not my choice, but the Universe the one who calls so I can read it right. The Nature way to talk to, call me, and ask for my attention that what I saw was not a simply coincidence.

Moment by moment of each frame is as if reminding me for the open my mind so as not to drown and dissolve in a black-and-white atmosphere of this life. I was a son of parents who are in need of help, and nothing else. Hope and the effort required sharing a way of thinking wisely, bringing each other or contradictory, but it is not to be separated, so this option Diptich format I choose. Eyes, sometimes seen and too focused on just one frame, but I tried to 'interfere' with one another as an alternative option and mediation. Streoscopy are often not identical, and may be just as an advanced composition for vision and aesthetic purposes.

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  • Mark Andrews

    Mark Andrews (Deleted) said (20 Jul 2014):

    I love this. First class story.

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    Love this story! :)

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