Photo Essay

When the Day: Nameless

divided and broken

Today it still the same as the day previous. Seeing the sun rise, get up, make coffee, clean the yard, and the messy stuff, staring at a computer screen, under the trees, feed the fish, wash clothes, sunset, night, and go back to sleep. Seeing birds flying around in the branches of trees, see the leaves fall on the ground, see the shadows of trees dancing in the wind, see the color of sunlight spectrum on spider webs, seeing my father sitting, looking at myself in the reflection laptop screen, see insects moving around, and saw my own eyes: see the hope. I saw: Eyes, and I also saw a sign: Heart. And all of it is visible in every photo all I got.

See "A Coincidence" from my daily steps that see that all, and stop it with a snap for a few frames and then select it. Seeing the sunrise or sunset from the home page, see the sun through spetkrum spider webs, see how insect hunting food, see my own reflection in the dance of the leaves. Seeing a: "Is that it? What's in there? An interest, for me to always take pictures. And then to see it back through the computer screen, so that you also can see those moments. That's it.

One photo frames, like not enough for me to describe many things. Stereoscopic imaginative sustainable, one another establish an image that is equal, one another explain each other. Making sustainability an imaginary line, to tell a story that happened when it did. Build a proportion of lighting composition, color, balance, and contrast. Although it can be viewed from the other side and a lot of things to talk about, but all of this is an essay from the daily record of way I seeing moment by moment, quickly. Standing between the two sides, and then make it: 'one-click' - 'one-blink' is the translation of the vision in the right eye-left, making it a "mediation expressive". A choice between the two, but in the end is one: Vision. And all of this is way, how to, as well as being stylish way of seeing.

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