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Photography 21 st century

Photography 2014, what makes it good.

What is the meaning of photography in the 21 st century, every day the stunning number of 350 million images are upload to face-book, 208300 are uploaded every minute to the Internet. Whats the meaning of photography these day's ? How many are uploaded to JPGMAG.

Do not interpret this assay negatively but more as a statement to increase the quality of images in general.

Photography, it easy for anyone to create images without needing any artistic ability or training: just set AUTO and go !

A good photography is a framing of a subject so that the reality is frozen, it's history instantaneously, in the frame there is detail and a subject, perspective and lighting or even more abstracted, the abstraction and entire frame are the subjects themselves. When looking to a good photograph the viewer keeps his focus on the image, the content of the image is interesting enough to keep watching for a moment.

Many uploaded images today will not fulfill to these criteria, maybe some will do?

When looking in old photography books and searching the Internet i'm always captured by some of these images, independent of the photographer, they show the world as it was like an documentary. Am i in love with the past i never knew ? is this the reason why i'm attracted to these images, i don't know. Or they used better criteria to photograph and showed only there best work selected from contact sheets.

For some photographic site's like this one " JPGMAG" i try to discover why people placing there images. In general i think the want to share their images and get some kind of recognition for their work, on the other hand i think a lot will only go for the increasing views and favorites by having enormous contacts. But the basic rule of judging images can be the moment, the composition, the tonality, the skill to use the right lens and depth of focus to extract the subject more.

Even with much more advanced and better equipment i realize that the quality has nothing to do with that, it's what we see trough the viewer, abstracting or focusing on a moment or subject. This said i'm convinced that a good image is more or less independent of the camera and lens, if the quality of these two components is good than it only add some value to the image.

What do you think, why are you uploading a certain image, i'm curious.

Thanks in advance for your comments

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  • George Thomson

    George Thomson   said (21 Aug 2014):

    The great thing is to have the picture be of use to someone other than ones self. A web address with my pictures on it has the problem that no-one else gives a damn. For years I have photographed the jazz musicians at a weekly event in a local cafe. Jazz has few fans now, the players are dedicated, my pics have documentary value for them. "Can I use this in my flyers?" And that is how I get my kicks.

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