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Style and the people who have it (street photography)

No 3 From my 'style' story

Looking through hundreds of street pics a few of the ones with people in them stood out and I thought, 'Hmmm they've got style'. So after that I went about deliberately photographing people I thought were stylish.

I came to a few conclusions as I progressed through the series; that style was probably indefinable, that sometimes it had everything and then sometimes nothing to do with clothes. One certainty was that advanced age presents no barrier to being stylish, I was quite surprised to find that.

Some people have style because of the way they hold themselves and others have it because of the clothes they wear. From looking at one photograph this is quite difficult to ascertain and mainly derived from the feeling I got as I approached them.

To begin with I noticed that I wasn't being even handed, I was photographing more women than men. Is that because there are more stylish women than men and is that because women have a greater range and style of clothes to wear. Or could it as a man I am more used to photographing women.

Doing this certainly threw up a lot of questions not least of them, 'what is style' the conclusion I came to was that it is completely subjective and can only be one persons view. Someone may obviously set out to be stylish but then they may fail in my eyes and then there is the person who couldn't give a damn about clothes and yet I find them very stylish.

It's more of a mystery now than it was when I started but then I guess that's how it should be.

I must point out finally that your scribe is definitely a sweatshirt short of stylish.

Thanks for looking.

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14 responses

  • Lynn E. Harvey

    Lynn E. Harvey gave props (20 Aug 2014):

    wonderful series Jim, having worked in fashion for many is everywhere and you have shown us a great slice of 'what we wear'.

  • Jim Read

    Jim Read said (20 Aug 2014):

    Hello Lynn, Many thanks for the comment and for the nomination I'm delighted. Cheers - Jim

  • Davide Simone

    Davide Simone said (20 Aug 2014):


  • Lisa Donneson

    Lisa Donneson said (20 Aug 2014):

    I like the flair of the older gentlemen - they're still in the game. Wonderful series.

  • Jim Read

    Jim Read said (20 Aug 2014):

    Thanks Davide and Thanks Lisa, Very good of you both to comment. Cheers - Jim

  • kil roy metters

    kil roy metters said (21 Aug 2014):

    i think the answer to your three questions is......yeah.........I also like to commend you on using b&w usually when you see photos of style and it centers on clothes one see lots of overblown color shots...txs for sharing your "style"

  • Jim Read

    Jim Read said (23 Aug 2014):

    Hello Kil Roy Thanks a million for the praise I really appreciate it, makes the whole thing worthwhile. Cheers - Jim

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (23 Aug 2014):

    lovely street photography and narration vote

  • Heather Mellon

    Heather Mellon gave props (23 Aug 2014):

    A unique and excellent series! I posted comments on the two gentlemen who stood out for me, style wise. They brought back fond memories of an uncle of mine who had a great sense of style. Thanks for sharing!

  • Bailey Cooper

    Bailey Cooper said (23 Aug 2014):

    I'm pretty sure there's a strand of DNA that codes for fabulous or not. It's bone deep from my perspective. Love your series and essay. Very astute.

  • Jim Read

    Jim Read said (24 Aug 2014):

    Thanks Saroj, Nice of you to comment :-)

    Hello Jan, I saw your comments and I'm delighted with them all thanks a million.

    Hello Bailey, Your right it's a bit like posing some people can just do it!

    Cheers all - Jim

  • JPG

    JPG gave props (14 Dec 2014):

    Congrats for getting the Story of the Week!

  • Lynn E. Harvey

    Lynn E. Harvey gave props (15 Dec 2014):

    Congratulations! Jim, great story and well deserved!

  • Robert Moores

    Robert Moores gave props (16 Dec 2016):

    Great job de- and then re-mystifying style! Love the photos and love the ponderings that accompanied them!

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