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Province of Romblon (Philippines) - the home of high quality marble

Marble sculpture 5

THE PHILIPPINES IS AN ARCHIPELAGO which consists of 7,107 islands, and the Province of Romblon is a group of islands located at the central part of the country. Romblon serves as the capital town of the province and also an island where the marble thrives.

The island of Romblon is not only endowed with natural beauty through its beaches/marine and mountains, but also with abundant stone resource - marble! Surprisingly, when the ship approaches the port of the island, you could hardly see the presence of marble in the low-lying ranges of mountains. But indeed, these mountains contain different classes of marble - white, green onyx, yellow, black, pinkish, etc. (around 15 or more classes based on colors).

In the early 80s, selection of marble carved figures or sculptures were limited and most of the time, customers will have them customized orders. But now, with the Filipino creativeness and advanced machines for carving, the marble artwork offers a varied selection - ash tray to a Buddha, or a chess set to rocking chairs.

It may not be as precious as diamond, but marble provides a regular income to Romblomanons, and this will turn to income of the town, consequently to be used for the improvement of the living condition of the populace.

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