Ten Tips

Ten tips for shooting people


1. Idea – don't just tell your model to "look up in the sky" or "close your eyes". Every pose has a meaning. Use something like "you are scared and you want to go home" or "you don't like being captured, show it" instead. Then the impression is real and photo tells something to the viewer.

2. Tea – or coffee is just fine as well. Have a cup or two before you ask your new model to take a pose. Combine it with your portfolio.

3. Portfolio – it helps a lot to show some of your stuff and melt some ice.

4. Light – the basics of everything in photography. Fortunately there are so many varieties you can choose from – nice and soft natural, sharp sunshine or whatever you can get out of flashbulbs. Try.

5. Time – it takes time (and effort) to find out who you are in photography and which are your goals. It also takes time to work with people.

6. Patience – people react differently to photography. There are naturals who enjoy every moment in front of the lens, there are shy ones as well. It usually takes time to get people to open theirselves.

7. Variety – working with different people in different situations helps you to be prepared. And your photos look more interesting.

8. Care – you need to have pure interest in other people to get into their soul. This also helps you to communicate with them and ask them to do things for you and your camera.

9. Tripod – once you have your camera standing still you can concentrate on the frame and work with people.

10. Courage – this girl at the end of the bar looks really interesting and is perfect for some shooting, doesn´t she? Well, get yourself together and ask her to model for you.

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