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Lath Mar Holi of Barsana

Lath Mar Holi Barsana

I had recently posted an Essay "Holi - A Spring Festival of Colours and Love" where one of the members Min Chai Liu requested me to write a few words about Lath Mar Holi.

Quoting her mail to me

"Subject: Hi Inder

May I request you to write a few words about Barsana Lath mar holi.. Though I know about it.. but there are many who could not appreciate it ( since it is an international forum) , b'coz they don't know about some basic culture about this .... So some info.. will be definitely appreciated.

I hope you take my suggestion at the right spirit


Instead of adding a few lines I thought it appropriate to add this essay in continuation to my last posted essay with images from Barsana Holi.

Lord-Krishna an Avtar of Lord Vishnu. He has been the most colourful of the various Avtar Lord Vishnu had taken during different phases to rid the earth of evil.

Born in captivity in Mathura, spent his childhood and adolescence ag in Gokul and Nand Gaon. Radha his love was from nearby Barsana. He along with his friends used to meet up Radha and her friends (Gopis). He played the flute that Radha used to sit an listen the melodious sound of the flute. It seemed all the animals and birds used to get enchanted who joined these young ones listening to the the flute played by Krishna. There are many stories about their life.

He and his mates played a lot of pranks with Radha and the gopis. The tradition of colours started from here when Krishna applied colour on the face of Radha. This tradition has continued since thousands of years where people from Nand Gaon come to Barsana to apply colours on womenfolk and they are retaliated by stick welding womenfolk. The menfolk of Nand Gaon have to save themselves. They come prepared well padded and with shields knowing the way they will be greeted.

There is lots of colour in the air with people of Barsana applying Gulal and drenching with coloured water their visitors from Nand Gaon.

Next day to it Barsana representatives go to Nand Gaon where they sit together in Radha Temple (Nand Bhawan) and sing songs in praise of Lord-Krishna and his love Radha. Sweet revenge takes place when residents of Nand Gaon drench the with coloured water and apply colours. Later coming down from the temple the women folks take their revenge by treating the same way their menfolks were treated in Barsana with sticks.

This tradition has continued since thousand of years and people of this region Braj or Brij continue it with lots of energy.

Links are being given below as these are well researched write ups that will give a better picture about traditions of Holi Festival being continued.

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