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Golden Time

I live in Portland, about 90 minutes away from the Pacific Ocean. Here in Oregon, we don't call it the beach.. we call it the coast. I think there are several reasons for that.

When I think of the beach, I think of people stretched out on towels, soaking up the sun. The coast is a more meta experience. Sure, there are beaches at our coast, but the coast is larger than that. The coast is the totality of sky, earth, sand, trees, water, life.

If you come to the Oregon coast for sun and surf, you'll be disappointed unless you hit some weird random day in February, or that stretch in August when the wind dies down for a few days. You can find the nice, warm days, but many of us like the cloudy, moody days better. The hotels stay pretty well booked year-round due to the number of strange souls who would just as well be there during a storm as during a balmy day.

As I gathered the photos for this essay, I noticed something about the way I see our coast. Sweeping vistas, little tiny people... sometimes I think the whole thing is just too rich and huge to be viewed through something as simple as a camera lens.

The coast needs to be taken in via the soul!

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