Photo Essay

The Color of Sky

Blue Sky

The sky is ever changing from one day to the next. May have cumulus formation or some times have designs. The sky is a wonderful site to be hold. There are sunsets, storm cloud, and even the light show of the lighting dancing across the sky This is why I enjoy photographing the sky.

It can tell a story of the weather may be beautiful shades of blue, or it can have a storm burring and the clouds change to gray and dark gray. Than it can tell of a tornado by a funnel cloud appears out of the dark clouds The sky is amazing thing to watch the weather unfold, and the cloud formation change.

Lurking behind every cloud it tells a story. One of danger of tornado that damages trees and property. Than there is the tranquility of the sun and white pillow clouds. In addition, to that there is the rain, I call that mother natures tears,

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2 responses

  • Fred Moskey

    Fred Moskey said (27 Jun 2015):

    The sky does make wonderful backgrounds for photographers, your photos show some of the beauty of the sky.

  • Jane Linders

    Jane Linders said (16 Jul 2015):

    Fabulous shots of billowy clouds. Thanks for sharing.

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