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Kelly & Chicken 2
Kelly & Chicken
Kelly & Timpa

If you haven't heard of VSCO Lightroom Presets, its time to check them out. They are such a handy tool for digital photographers missing the look of film. VSCO created preset packs that are full of film-look settings and have an impressive selection. I have Packs 1,2 and 5. Pack 1&2 are classic and clean with beautiful film like treatments for portraits and landscapes and include a nice selection of black and white. Pack 5 has more intense colour treatments and grain including Kodak UltraMax 400 (one of my current favs). Go to their site and get the two free presets offered. They also have a great and very popular phone app for photos.

I've personally been working as a professional fine artist for the past ten years, shooting weddings along the way during slow times and to help cover the cost of big art shows. Three kids later, weddings are interesting me less and less and portraiture has renewed my love of photography. These past few months I've found new life and love in documenting the people around me including my kids, friends and neighbours. I've also been doing less and less fine art as the demands of raising twins and a toddler have left me drained and lacking inspiration with a brush. Recognizing this creative shift within motivated me to rebrand and refocus on portraiture, including family, child and maternity. I've also just delved into birth photography which is a whole new thing unto itself and has filled me with such passion and joy for what I do. These photos are of my dear friend and professional dancer, Kelly Stacey who kindly let me snap away during one of her frequent visits to our country home.

The more I shoot, the more I want to shoot. The more I dive in and dig deeper for a connection, the quicker it comes. The more I visualize the final image, the easier it comes to life. Shoot more. Edit ruthlessly.

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