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Care Giver

Steve at wond center

My husband is a diabetic, never know it until 2003. He had skin eating virus witch resulted in losing 90% of his left chest. At this point is when he found out he was a diabetic.

This is an honorable daises too meany people are inflected with type 1 or 2. Along with noropathy in the eyes, hands, feet, causing sharp needling pain.

I am care giver for my husband and see all that he is going through. He has no felling in his feet, so I am his eyes, let him know that there is a sore on the bottom of his feet. In July he had a foot ulcer that got badly infected and end up blowing out his little toe. Thus resulted in amputated of his little toe.

After I got him home went to the infusion center for his antibiotics. I must say to any diabetic that has go thought this ask for pick line. This is easier than being stuck all the time.

I pray that they come up with a curer for this horrible daisies. My heart goes out to all those kids and adults with this daisies. For I see what my husband is going through.

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