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Rotter Surgery

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On February 16,2016 had rotter cuff surgery. The idea of this story is to empower those that are going to have this type of surgery.

The reason I had this surgery there was a bone spear that cut into the ligament it was fixed, doctor put in a pin to hold the bones together. Started therapy on March 16,2016 and, have some mobility in my shoulder.

1: Knowing when you need to have too see a surgeon, when you have hard time moving shoulder.

2: Doctor may have you go fro an MRI, and ex rays that will tell them what is going on inside the shoulder.

3: Be positive that you will regain the use of the shoulder during therapy.

I was told it will take up too 6 months, to regain the use of my shoulder. Made up my mind that I will cut that in half. I was 56 when I had the surgery.

I went to the higher power to help me to get through this. Let me tell you prayer works for It has only been two months an I have 80% use of my shoulder.

Leave you with this do not think you it will take a long time to heal from rotter cuff surgery. It is in the mind set. Just do what you need to do and things will fall into place.

The theory of the older you are the harder it is to heal, I am 57 and healing faster than anyone thought.

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