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PhotoPlus Expo NYC Street Photography Master Class

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I am attending the PDN PhotoPlus Expo in NYC this week and opted for a street photography master class here in NYC. I have lived in NYC and I have shot here on and off over the years but I thought that this would be a good experience.

The photographer under who's tutelage our walkabout was David J Carol, a noted photographer and it was a good time. We walked from the Javits Center as he extemporaneously talked about his method for street and what interested him. The pack of students today clung together on the pavement for the most part but some of us wandered a bit and took photos.

I focused on the task at hand and tried to take his words to heart. As it happens though the best photos came as happenstance and happy accidents. In particular I am happy with the main photo on this post. I attempted to shoot without looking through the viewfinder and managed to get the mop top, the plant that mirrored it, and the interesting sign on photographic surveillance.

I have another class tomorrow and NYC I am sure will bring me more opportunities. I look forward to the post work to come from this week.

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