Photo Essay

The story of tong setan

tong setan also known as tong stand is the one of the attraction in the night carnival. when i go to my hometown in klaten central java near solo and yogyakarta i came to the night carnival and found the tong setan. all of the people calling tong setan because they showing the extreme motorcycle stunt in the large drum. it will cost you 8.000 IDR or equal to 0.50 cent. when the show gonna start the rider test their ride to make sure it safety to do the show. when the show begin the rider trying their motorcycle going up near the audience when the raider at the edge audience throwing the money away to make the raider do the stunt move by no hand on the wheel and manymore this tong stand is managed by the berkah ria as the main management of the night carnival. they do this because they need money to eat they got 100.000 IDR by doing the one show or equal to 10 SGD this was the amazing story of my childhood when i was child my father always came to the night festival to see the tong stand show

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