Photo Essay

Being in Industrial Graveyard

Gateway to revolutions

West Bengal has seen a steady decline of Industries for almost three and a half decades of Communist rule. The present government has also shown reluctance to compromise with its anti-land acquisition stand and hence, the state will not see much change in the sector in near future. Meanwhile the factory sheds are claimed by natural outgrowth and provide you opportunities to listen to their once vibrant stories in the present deadly silence.

Meanwhile there is an abandoned statue of Lord Viswakarma - the god of machines/industry/engineering with two arrowheads probed inside its decaying sculpture - symbolic indeed.

An abandoned bulldozer experiencing a near death, so does railway track which looks like gorge.

The gate keeps onlookers away and a space that reminds "Long live revolution!"

It would take a creative imagination to feel the smell of machines, oils ans sweat; the sound of siren waking you up for the production; the noise of people working in concert. Perhaps the static crain, rusty lifter and decaying bulldozer speaks and relives their primordial narratives as they live to go back to their primoridiality in silence.

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