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Spring is now here..............

Phal. Natasha 'Aiko"
Phal.Golden Sun X Tying Slin Baby Smile
Phalaenopsis Little One
Laeliocattleya "Gold Digger"
Cymbidium King Cass 'Tikitere' X Cymb. insigne
Cattleya Aurantica "Kumquat" HCC/AOS
Phalaenopsis Tiasuco Date
Phal. ' Grocery Store'
Phal. Little One

At the Fort Worth Orchid Society meeting, on May 7, 2018, and Spring is here, and the flowers in bloom and so are the Orchids, for those who follow them. Got a few good shots , so I thought that, I would show, all.

Not all the color, is out, but here is a little view, of what I saw and photographed, so do enjoy.

Also got a handle on the flash and the shutter and was able to raise the f stops, but still working on it.............

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