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The Swallowtails' Wedding Day - September 8, 2018

Three's a Crowd

And...I was invited. Really, I crashed the wedding. There were tight little spirals of Pipevine swallowtails of twos and threes flying into the trees, and coming to the ground to mate; Giant swallowtails and Tiger swallowtails and Eastern Black swallowtails pairing up and mating in among these big pink flowering balls called Clerodendrum. I followed all of them around in the heat and forgot time and discomfort. I wore down one battery. Had an extra in my case. So much to see and enjoy.

Butterflies are miraculous, ethereal beings - I will always remember this day.

And still with a smile on my face, past dusk I went to secure the chicken house, and what do I see? Tiny little hummingbird moths in the Clerodendrum. You know I went back for my camera, don't you?

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