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My Ten Tips How To Make Nude

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My everyday work includes shooting just about everything: people on the streets, businesses, books, houses, events etc. During office hours I work as a photographer at a daily business newspaper and shoot naked women during my spare time. I think shooting them is something I like most.

1. When I started to shoot naked women I began with myself - if you're satisfied with the results at first, it's much easier to get good pictures from others. Of course this is my point of view as a woman - for men I guess it's a little different

2. The hardest and at the same time most interesting is to start working with women I don't know. The key is communication - it's possible to understand what her reasons are, what kind of person she is etc. Even going out to eat together helps me to understand them better and of course makes a trust between us that helps to get a natural result.

3. Shooting naked women is not just "taking-picture-thank-you-very-much." That's why I make more shots than asked just to catch something that might be interesting besides the original idea. Naked women are vulnerable and you have to be careful with them. People in my country speak so little about their lives and emotions and photos are just one way of communicating.

4. When I guess I've taken a really beautiful shot I always show these from my camera. People like that and they open themselves and loose borders that stress them.

5. It depends on people but some of them need much more instruction. But you have to be careful with this as it's going to be a disaster at some moment very easily. And if you both of you are out of ideas, just take 15 minutes to relax and don't think about it.

6. Just love what you are doing - everything that you do must have to have a desire and burning flame inside of it. If not, don´t expect something big and beautiful....

7. I always print some better ones on big paper, so I see the big picture, what´s good and what´s wrong.

8. There are so many categories in nude photography. I like glamor nudes the most. For example - my photos about architecture are the worst and if possible I won't make them. I like to shoot people and that is what I do best. So I like nude photography the most and I do it with my best efforts.

9. Smile... always. Naked women are nervous, so you cannot let yourself get nervous. With that you can be sure. I've had the experience where I had to also be naked when I was doing my job, just because she was so shy. Don´t ask models to do anything you don´t want to do. Never! Respect them always because they will respect you when they will come and get naked in front of you.

10. And lastly, thank them and be warm.

Best wishes with Love,

Maris Ojasuu

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6 responses

  • Donald Lawson

    Donald Lawson gave props (4 Nov 2008):

    Excellent work!

  • Donald Lawson

    Donald Lawson said (4 Nov 2008):

    Very nice work. The images you selected all have that "something" that makes me want to examine intently and linger on. Slightly expanded, they would work well in a fine art box set.

  • Dan Richards

    Dan Richards (Deleted) said (24 Mar 2009):

    Excellent advice. Even for a man, the thoughts you present does point out some things a beginner like myself should think about.
    I'm tooling up for some nudes, and have outlined the ideas, but had not thought about how to actually deal with the women yet. Thank you for the pointers from a woman's perspective.

  • Richard Hall

    Richard Hall said (30 May 2009):

    very insightful & well written; also glad to receive a woman's perspective. thx.

  • Vaibhav Shah

    Vaibhav Shah gave props (20 Aug 2009):

    Well said everything!!! Thanks a lot Maris, for writing this stuff up. You have shared a woman's perspective, as Richard said above. And this is very important.

  • Omran AlOwais

    Omran AlOwais (Deleted) gave props (30 Aug 2009):

    I need to stay way from architecture for a while and give glamour nude photography a try. Thanks for the tips. Voted..

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