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Bashfull the cat vs Opossum

I call Ron my neighbor the cats man. He loves cats. He very funny guy Ron he a cars repairs and computer guy. About those cats Bashfull and Bob for (bobcat) that the name Ron give him because is has not tail.. They are two cats, peoples love them include me. They are around the house Bashfull she very social and very lovable. Bob he a male cat very independant not easy to approch. Last night a friendly opossum came to the Ron house and Bashfull was there to relax to the porch I was expected a confrontation not from bashfull but by the opossum. No the opossum didn`t do anything he want to eat the cat foods. When the opossum try to be close to Bashfull the cat just ignore him and when away. Its was very cool to see both other as a frienship. I wasn`t sure about Bob he will do the same to the opossum. Story to come.

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