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If someone had told me that one day I would be throwing my expensive digital camera into the air in hopes that I would catch it...I would have thought that they were nuts! However, that is exactly what I am doing nowadays. It is called a Camera Toss.

Open up the shutter for about a second or two, spin and toss, let go of your innate sense of protection over objects of material value, and instead, just let it whirl!! The possibilities are endless!

Here are some pointers to get started..

1- (Most important tip of all...) Let It Go!

Just let it go. Have faith that the camera will stay in the air long enough to catch it. Realize that you will not drop it and free yourself from the binds of fear. Do not be afraid, you will never be able to appreciate the art if you prevent yourself from experiencing it to begin with.

2- Get a strap

This is a very important component to the camera tossing technique. A strap with some length allows the camera the extra distance it needs for a hearty spin and also provides protection that becomes a crucial factor. It also now resembles a yo-yo and your odds of dropping decrease significantly. People are definitely going to be looking at you like your nuts, do not fret, just smile anyway and keep on chuckin'.

Pointer two: Spin n Toss

As you go to throw your camera in the air, give it a good spin. The more spin you've got the more you'll get out of the resulting image. Spin it as if you were spinning a quarter on a table hand on each end and TWIST! Toss as you spin all the while keeping the strap wrapped snug around one of your hands.

Pointer 3: Some light

There shouldn't be any use of a flash while using this technique so make sure you have adequate light in order to get an image. Play with light and the lines that they can create. Light opens a whole new world of possibilities! Spin the sun, the stars, the lights on your house, spin fire, you can even spin your friends!

Hopefully by now fear has been surpassed by joy and soon you too will be catching yourself in a swirly world. Get out there and enjoy, be bold and daring with endless possibilities. Good luck and most importantly, have fun and share with the rest of us your newest creations.

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