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Serenity Photo is up and Running for Green Business!

The Mouth of the Valley of Las Vegas

The Serenity Photo Mission: Shoot the best possible images, give the best possible service, produce the best possible product, do no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire, use technology to advance and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

My name is Sean Rice, and I specialize in Lifestyle Photography. I own Serenity Photo a subsidiary company of SeaJo Enterprises LLC. Along with my photography I am a professional athlete specializing in Adagio Ice Skating with my lovely wife and skating partner of 17 years Jodeyne Higgins. We are partners in crime in both professions. LOL! Having traveled to more than 25 countries of the world working, I think you could say that we are pretty well established with our professions. We know how to travel and perform well under pressure.

Back to the photography thing, I have been a photographer for 10 years and a retoucher for the past 5 years. Having the combined understanding in front of and behind the lens is way cool, but along with the art and technical expertise of shooting and retouching combined makes us a very powerful collection all in one place. Along with great business practices.

Best of all we built the Serenity Photo company from the ground up to be a GREEN!, Eco-Friendly Company. Now that is doing it the right way. We employ policies that reflect the best interest of Mother Nature, the client, the community and the company in mind. Check out our FOOTPRINTS! page to learn more about our policies and standards.

Having traveled to shows and photo shoots all around the world it was important for us to formulate a fluid workflow. We are hard core and this means that time is of the essence so we are not going to waste it. Working from our home offices in Tampa, Florida and Toronto, Ontario I decided that we would use the backdrop of nature as much as possible for our shoots. We do have studio locations to use, but we love Mother Nature first. Nature has so much to offer us, and it is the irreplaceable locations and backdrops that we want to use to make your portfolio different from the rest. So why not use her to the fullest. Creativity and diversity is key to our model of success!

My last words, we are focused on every client individually and we respect their needs and desires and provide them with elements that make a difference to the world. We love what we do and enjoy the wonderful reactions that people have when seeing their images and saying "I can't believe thats me. I love them!" or "That is just breathtaking!"

Peace and Love to all!

Sean Rice

President and Lead Photographer

Serenity Photo

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