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The Lensbaby caught my eye after reading an article online. I was planning to treat myself to a tilt-shift lens but as this was kind of to expensive for this time of year I decided to go for the Lensbaby that had a bit of an old bellow camera lens and a tilt-shift lens.

I started experimenting with the lens in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn. I thought, and was right, that both the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge would lend themselves for being guinea pigs for this experimental project.

Handling the lens was a bit awkward but after working with it for a while it started dawning upon me that it wasn't really hard just that you have to get of the beaten track as it's not anything like the conventional lenses we all use. After a day in DUMBO I more or less mastered the basic handling. Next week I will go into Manhattan and start using it in the streets and shooting some more well known buildings and locations with it. I am pleased with the results I already made with it but I think I have a while to go before I can be content with the end result. Just have to leave the conventional way of thinking and using a lens with this baby.

The results can be seen in the 5 images I added to the story. In a couple of weeks I will also try using it in a studio environment with flash units. I think that will be the most difficult to get used to as it does have some shortcomings when it comes to lighting adjustments. Or I am maybe not used to it enough....a possibility. I have used it both on a tripod and manually, adjusting the rods can be a bit fiddly and annoying at ties but I am getting the hang of it

In any case I think it is worth while having and it's a worth colleague to my present set of lenses.

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